Andrew Lee Lawrence




Time Cap‍‍‍sule

This is a video montage I created of my 2 year old daughter...ahhh how time flies.

Happy Birthday

At 2.8 Million views, you may have received this happy birthday greeting on YouTube. I created this video for fun to send as a birthday wish to  friends and family. Apparently the YouTube community enjoyed also.

Hitchiker's Design Guide

‍‍‍‍‍‍When tasked to create, and be creative in the design and layout of a Design r‍‍‍eference Guide, a got an idea. Based on the popular 2005 movie "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the ‍‍‍"Hitchiker's Design Guide to the Galaxy" was born.

Volunteer Work

‍‍‍Created the design of var‍‍‍ious marketing pieces for local community Clair Hills Association in addition to photography at local events.

‍‍‍Volunte‍‍‍er Work

Designed the  Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce logo


This is a fun creative piece I created using Photoshop. I first photographed my daughter, then using Photoshop added a background and fantasy elements to make a 'Alice in Wonderland' portrait.